127: Women’s Health Issues


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to list and explain issues related to:

  1. UNDERSTANDING WOMEN’S HEALTH IN THE WORLD TODAY—Increasing Life Expectancy, Gender Inequities, Conflicts and Crisis, Women and the Health Care System
  2. THE GIRL CHILD—Too Many Deaths Among Infants and Children, Abuse and Maltreatment, Sex Differentials in Health
  3. ADOLESCENT GIRLS—Puberty and Sexual Debut, Adolescent Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Substance Use, Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity, Mental Health
  4. ADULT WOMEN: THE REPRODUCTIVE YEARS—Health During Reproductive Years, Maternal Health, HIV/Aids, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Cervical Cancer, Infertility
  5. ADULT WOMEN—Mortality and Burden of Disease, Depression and Suicide, Risk Factors for Chronic Disease, Violence, and Use of Health Services
  6. OLDER WOMEN—Aging, Socioeconomic Influences, Managing Disabilities, Caring for Older Women
  7. POLICY IMPLICATIONS—Leadership, Health Responsive Services, Universal Coverage, Public Policy, and Tracking Progress
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