701: Respiratory Examination and Treatments: Spirometry/HBO/ECG (N)


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify and discuss spirogram acceptability criteria
  2. Demonstrate how to interpret spirograms
  3. Explain how to classify obstructive ventilatory defects by severity
  4. How to recognize flow-volume loops that suggest upper airway obstruction
  5. HBO
  6. Identify and discuss the uses and the relative and absolute contraindications of hyperbaric oxygen(HBO) therapy
  7. Identify and explain the concepts and physiology underlying HBO therapy, as well as potential side effects
  8. List and discuss the key elements of planning and implementing care for pre-and postreatment patients


  1. Identify and define key terms associated with ECG
  2. Differentiate between “rate” and “rhythm”
  3. List and discuss the criteria for “hypertrophy”
  4. Explain how to identify and “infarct” on and ECG tracing

(83 pages)

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