801: Home Respiratory Care


Upon successful completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the problems and background associated with providing patient care in the home environment.
  2. Identify the “caregivers” involved and discuss their various qualifications.
  3. Identify and discuss the role of regulators associated with healthcare delivered in the home setting.
  4. Identify and discuss the “problems” that can arise when providing care in the home (including reimbursement, injuries, substandard care, deaths, law suits, etc).
  5. Identify the key issues focused on by the FDA regarding the use of equipment in the home care setting.
  6. List and discuss the recommendations made by the California Board of Respiratory Care and the FDA regarding providing equipment and care in the home setting.
  7. List and discuss the key issues addressed by the American Thoracic Society’s official statement on the provision of Respiratory Home Care today.
  8. Explain the role that home care providers may play in patient’s end-of-life decisions.

(135 pages)

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