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All subject matter was appropriate to the fundamentals of neonate basics (anatomy and physiology disease) after 40 plus years as a therapist and 25 plus years as a neonatal pediatric clinical specialist this course was an excellent review and reference. This course was presented in an easy to follow and progressive matter.

Michael Western / Course 603

I am now more informed of difficulties in sleep medicine as well as recognizing symptoms. This course was great in recognizing the sleep difficulties in COPD patients as well as information on help with insomnia and shift workers insomnia. I found the material easy to read and the questions were easy to find. This course I felt met all the requirements.

Jeane Gohlke / Course 710

This course is very informative on the assessments evaluations and interventions on critical and long term ailments. This is a great refresher course in actual emergency situations-functions. It is very organized, easy to follow and understand. It was very informative and it help me enhanced the steps to be taken as a caregiver.

Ofelia Dean / Course 702