Frequently asked questions

1. How do I download my course materials(s)?

The easiest way to download course material(s) for a purchased course is from our website. Simply, go to My Courses and click on the appropriate course name. You may also refer to the email titled Order Process which was sent to your email address at the time of purchase. Use the link(s) available under step 1 to download the material. If you continue to experience difficulty downloading a course, Contact Us immediately.

2. How many times may I take a test? and do I have to pay again if I fail?

You may take the test an unlimited number of times until the course is passed–all at no additional cost!

3. Are these continuing education courses valid for LVNs, PNs, and NPs, RNs, and Nursing Assistants?

Yes. Medical Education Systems, Inc. is an accredited provider of continuing education nationwide for all areas of nursing.

4. How long do I have to complete the test?

Courses must be completed within eight months from the date of purchase. For more information on our policies, please see our page on Shipping & Returns

5. How do I take or send a test? And how do I receive my certificate?

If you chose the online shipping delivery method, then you may easily submit an answer sheet by going to My Courses and click on ‘take test’. If you chose the USPS shipping method, you have the same option, plus the additional option of mailing back in an answer sheet.

If you chose the online method, a certificate of completion is instantly available upon passing the exam. To view a certificate, go to My Courses and select the appropriate certificate. If you have chosen to receive the course via USPS you have also the option to take the exam, if you chose to do so the certificate will immediately generate after the test and achieving a passing score , you have the additional option of mailing back a completed answer sheet (answer sheets are shipping with the course materials). Should you chose this option, your certificate will be mailed, faxed or email  to you (as per your selection on the answer sheet).

6. What if I work in multiple states and have multiple state licenses?

The sign-up process only allows for once license. However, once you have created an account and logged in, you may change your Account Information. Among other options is the ability to change your license number for multiple states.

7. What options to I have to pay for my course(s)?

Medical Education Systems, Inc. accepts checks and money orders, as well as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. To pay by check or money order, simply select the ‘Check/Money Order’ payment option when checking out. Please note that if you are paying by check or money order, your certificate will not be available until after your check/money order has been received. Payment may be remitted to:

Medical Education Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 83939
San Diego, CA 92138

Please be sure to include the order ID number on your check. The order ID number may be found during the checkout process or in the email titled ‘Order Process’

8. Can I print out a course to read at my leisure?

Yes. Once you have purchased a course, the course or courses will be emailed to you. They are available in PDF format. Once you have downloaded or opened the course, you may print it out for your own convenience or read it online. Once you are ready, you can log back into the website to take the test.

9. Approval and Provider Numbers?

Medical Education Systems, Inc. is an approved provider for Nursing
and Respiratory continuing education nationwide. Please see accreditation.

10. How can I obtain an extra copy of my certificate?

If you chose to complete your course(s) online, additional certificates are available at no extra charge by viewing your Course History. For $10, an additional copy of a past or current certificate will be mailed to you.